Ally’s Bat Mitzvah

Ally is the second of hopefully three daughters bat mitzvahs I have photographed.   Both the service and party were held at the Amber Room in Libertyville.  The Amber Room is the awesome 2nd floor of Mickey Finn’s, which I had never seen until Ally’s bat mitzvah.   Rabbi Tillman officiated and allowed me to photograph the service.  LOVE THAT!  Then A-Z Entertainment totally rocked the place.  Kids and adults alike ripped up the floor.  Mazel Tov Ally!

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I photographed a young lady last week for her bat mitzvah pre-portraits.  Beyond the beautiful portait shots, she wanted to do some dance shots.  I was blown away by what she could do.  This image hides her face, so we don’t ruin the surprise.  I’m anxious to post some of her other shots SERIOUS AIR.  Do dancers say that?  I think dancers and skateboarders are my favorite subjects. 



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First Post On New Blog/Website

Ever hear the saying “The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes”? I have avoided doing anything with my website for years and years. And then came along the Ipad revolution and Steve Jobs decided to get into a war with Adobe Flash. Then my website wasn’t even viewable to Ipad users. So with the help of the very talented Kate MeeSoo Park, I’m finally updating it. We still have a lot of tweaks (Kate, how do we get this type bigger?), but it’s a start!

I’m photographing the bar mitzvah celebration of Travis (above) today, while my wife will be womaning my booth at the ORT tradeshow, Marriot Lincolnshire.  Very busy day!

Please visit again.  I double, triple promise to get my kids shoes~!

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