4th of July

Had another great 4Th of July. The annual parade breakfast party was a good time as usual. Peter and I cooked waffles with my world famous (well maybe neighborhood famous) flax seed waffle mix.Waiting for the parade to begin.

As a former president of the Stevenson High School marching band, I always cheer real loud for the bands. Actually I cheer real loud for just about everyone who passes by, performer or not.We always have plenty of politicians marching in our parade. I like this shot of Mark Kirk.

Many of their helpers hand out stickers. I just noticed a sticker on my Son TJ in this picture and I believe I’ve finally figured out why his homework grades have been so abhorrent!—Not only does Dan Sugrue have the nerve to run against my friend Kathy Ryg, HE ATE MY KIDS HOMEWORK!!!

Glamour girl Audrey was in attendance without her husband Mango.

One of the favorites for the kids is the water fights with the Countryside firefighters. Brandon bravely took on this truck.

The synchronized lawnchair men are a crowd favorite.

Always love to see Bob in the parade.

Lou from Personalities did his thing. He is one of my favorite DJ/MCs to work with.

I never get in these photos, so I shot a self portrait in Stacey’s glasses. Of course Gina had to be a camera hog and get in on the shot.

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