9-15-07 Bar Mitzvah

Had a blast shooting this Mitzvah for Classic Image. Susan Lazar did an amazing job as consultant. Jason and his dancers kept the place rockin’ as usual, and the staff at Twin Orchards was great.
These girls at first did a nice smile pose for me. I said “Is that all you’ve got?! STRIKE A POSE!” They delivered. Love this shot!

I showed their mothers the image on my DSLR and asked if they wanted to strike a similar pose. At first they played shy, but then went for it. I hope they get both images and frame them together.

Alec’s Brother and Sister did an amazing rap that brought down the house.

“Classic” What a beautiful family.

Susan and Barbara arranged an incredible spread of candy which was destroyed moments later by packs of wild 13 year olds. I did a slow shutter zoom on this shot.

This woman was so tickled with this picture that she begged me to come over to the table and show her friend, who then smacked her husband on the shoulder and said “We’re going to do that. Come on!”
And the result…..

Look at the face on the waitress

and this poor guy is recovering from four broken ribs

Hora time!

The chefs at Twin Orchard do an AMAZING job!

Some wide angle fun. I use a portable ladder at all my weddings and mitzvahs. Getting above the crowd can really make for some cool images.

Jason of Energy not only gets everbody dancing, he ties shoes on stage.

This little girl danced her heart out all night. The midnight hour struck and she’s ready to go home with her candy and newly aquired sweatshirt.

Jason and his dancers really are a blast!

These last two shots are second curtain sync flashes. I set the shutter speed for about a second and zoom through the shot. It’s kind of hit and miss technique, but when you hit it’s pretty cool.

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