Ali’s Bat Mitzvah

I had the honor of photographing Ali’s Bat Mitzvah this past weekend. Like my own Daughter Jessie, Ali is a lover of animals and a vegetarian. Her charitable work was for Orphans of the Storm (a no-kill shelter) in which she collected all sorts of donations. In fact, even her table center pieces at the party were donated to the shelter. They’re scratch posts and animal toys.The family has a beautiful Kiddush tradition I’ve never seen before, where women one by one filled the Kiddush cup until it was full, VERY FULL.

I always love the Daddy/Daughter dance. A father myself, I know how special it is to have your daughter’s petite hand clasping yours.
I would like to say that I creatively planned the shot below, and that the watch on Paul’s hand represents how fast precious moments slip away. However, it was just a happy accident.The staff at Bella Via was wonderful. They let me settup a backdrop in an unused room. I love to get girls spinning in their dresses.I asked “Dad” and his brother to do the same. One went for it, the other didn’t. I love this shot!Laura and her daughters have such a great time together. Sure does make photographing them fun!There was no chair in the air during this Hora. So my goal was to get a shot where everyone in the imdediate family is visible. It sounds easy, but when you have a circle of people, you’re always going to have the back of someones head. I must have shot 50 frames before I finally got lucky.Nothing like a Grandma’s hug!So I got one too. Check out Uncle Gary in the background. LOL! When it was all over, I was packing up my van, as was Ali and her family. The lighting was perfect and so I got out my ladder and had the family walk towards me. Paul called it the “Abby Road” shot. I think I’ll use that term in the future.It was a wonderful Bat Mitzvah and I’m honored to have been a part of it. Mazel Tov! Ali.

Till next time… Tell

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