Greg and Nicole Wedding

I Shot Greg and Nicole’s wedding last week. My friend Kurt helped me out. We shot close to 5000 images! The time required to go through those images makes my hourly rate approach minimum wage, if that. The day was beautiful and Greg and Nicole’s family and friends made it a pleasure to shoot. This is a shot of Nicole’s father right before he closed the doors of the church. I love the silhouette and reflection.When I clicked the shutter on this one, I knew I had an amazing shot. The flowing lines of the dress, the sideways glance of Nicole.Kurt shot from the balcony and got some great shots.I’m pretty certain this run down the aisle shot is going to make a business card. I staged it after the wedding and was shooting running backwards while Kurt hollered out that I was clear all the way back. It’s all natural light (no flash) with my new Sigma 30 1.4 lens.The weather cooperated with us and we were able to play down by the lakefront. “FROLIC!!!”Greg and Nicole took dance lessons for their first dance, and it showed. Extremely romantic and classy with dips and kisses.

Beautiful cake and thanks to Matt the videographer for providing me with that soft glowing light. To view a 7 minute highlight video, go here
Thank you for trusing me to shoot your wedding Greg and Nicole!

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