Jenny’s Bat Mitzvah

The first Bar Mitzvah I photographed was for Jenny’s Brother 3 1/2 years ago. Now Jenny celebrated her Bat Mitzvah. In three years she has gone from a silly, wild nine year old girl to a beautiful, charming young lady.

I love shooting with Rabbi Looper. Photography is not allowed during the ceremony, but he is always more than happy to pose for a few shots prior to or after the ceremony. He’s an engaging speaker and the kids both love AND respect him. Beware the “Looper look” if you dare to talk during the ceremony!Three generations of beautiful women!The place cards and centerpieces were designed and made by Jenny’s grandmother. They were so fresh and beautiful. I saw her collecting the centerpieces at the end of the party and ran over and took some shots. I love how she is surrounded by her happy creations.

Jenny’s Brother David has also changed a lot in three years. I know his mother will not choose this portrait, but I love it.

Heck of a good tennis player too. Besides my camera, I brought my raquet along, and after shooting, I told him I was going to teach him some tennis. After I smashed three serves into the back fence, I told him to serve “give me everything ya got!” I made contact, but the returns too hit the back fence. Must have had some bad tennis balls…

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