Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah

I have an event free Saturday, and so am playing catch up on blogging. Here are some pics from Jeremy’s Bar Mitzvah. I’ve known Jeremy since he was a toddler. He’s always been a great kid and I was honored to shoot his Bar Mitzvah.
I’ll often shoot from a ladder, but I’m trying to figure out how I got this high up? It’s a different composition for me. I kind of like it.I look at this image and think- “what would the world be like if every boy had a mother who loved him THIS much?”

I asked Jeremy’s father if he would hold the Torah and give him a rest. It’s pretty heavy. I told Jeremy “Look, your Dad holds that Torah as if it were a feather” David gave me a he-man pose and I shot it. If I ever do a “Best of Tell Draper Photography” slide show, this image will for sure be in it.

Emcee, Keith “ K.C.” KoKoruz of Spinnin Discs did a great job of getting everyone dancing, and I mean everyone. He made an announcement “A lot of you may not know this, but our photographer, Tell, was a back up dancer for Milli Vanilli! Let’s get him out here!” I went for it and videographer Mike Feldman of Video Experience caught my “cool” moves on tape. Then Mike was called out to dance and I caught it on my camera. You can see KC and me on Mikes simulcast screen. Very fun!
The Gil-man in flight! Gymnasts are always a big hit on the dance floor.Dancing joy!
Mazel Tov Jeremy!

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