Went out and goofed around with my Lensbaby today. That’s a 50mm lens that requires you to squeeze the flexible lens to obtain focus in a small portion of the frame. It forces you to concentrate on composition and points of focus. I bring it to every event I shoot and NEVER use it. I really should keep it attatched to one of my older cameras and just force myself to shoot a few frames with it every event.

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A Weekend of Marriage

Just finished up processing two events from several weekends back. The first was the 60th Anniversary party for Ross & Christine held at Royal Melbourne a beautiful venue. What a great couple they are and their family and friends were a blast! Many of Ross’s relatives are entertainers, so they did a lot of performing with the band. That really tipped the event over the line from nice party to awesome party!

Congratulations Ross and Christine. Can’t wait for the 70th!

The second event was the wedding of Virginia and Craig held at the beautiful Glen Rowan house in Lake Forest. God smiled on us and gave them an afternoon of sunshine and warmth. They and their guests were a lot of fun to photograph. Virginia is also a musician and played her bass with the band. How cool is that?

Wishing you both a HAPPY LIFE!

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Bufallo Grove Skate Park

Took TJ over to the Buffalo Grove Skate park today. I wanted to get some artsy fun flare shots. Some lenses flare more than others. Generally a flare is something you want to avoid, but in the right instance it becomes kind of magical. They’re often added in motion pictures. Had some fun with processing too.

Oops, bar needs some more wax…
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