Sam and Jack

These boys crack me up! This was shot for a holiday card. I think how much they’re going to love these photos when they’re grown up. And how much THEIR kids will love these pictures one day. I feel great about a session when I know the images I took will likely be cherished by future generations.

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Went for a walk around Libertyville this past weekend and was looking at the portraits of the high school athletes that are displayed in the windows. I don’t think a portrait of a wrestler or football player should have perfectly porcelain skin, but otherwise, Studio West does an excellent job. As for the VIP portraits, well… I think they should stick with Studio West (or give a few to ol’ Tell Draper).

I then stopped into the library and grabbed a big book of Vanity Fair portraits featured from the early 1900’s to present. WOW! really inspiring. What I noticed was the rawness of the images, both in expression and lighting. A shadow under the eyeball!!! Oh my… What’s funny is it takes a lot more futzin around in Photoshop to get a photo to look like the one below, than to get a skin perfect portrait.

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