Rowdiest Mitzvah Ever

I photographed a B’not Mitzvah for Classic Image this past Saturday. The mother told me that most of the kids had never been to a Bar Mitzvah before. So how would that affect the party atmosphere I wondered…
It was the LOUDEST, ROWDIEST (in a good way), CRAZIEST Mitzvah party I have ever been to! The girls were gracious and poised, a delight to photograph.

Justin Jacobson of Totalentertainment was MC. He and his dancers had a blast as well. They threw a really cool glow show. I turned off my strobes and shot some photographs with all natural light (glow sticks). I think this shot turned out really cool!
I asked this little girl if she would spin around for me “like this” I said while spinning around. Nothing like a 240 lb dance instructor. Well she started spinning around like a top. I suppose maybe she’s had a bit more training than me. I had about a half dozen shots of her back until I finally stopped her and told her to just spin around once and to make sure she was looking at me when she came around. “click” got it! What a beautiful little dancer.
’till next time…

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