TJ’s Ice Leaves

Another VERY cold day here in Illinois. When leaving for school this morning, my 12 year old son remarked on the frozen window panes along the side of our front door. They can sometimes get an 1/8″ of ice on them. “They’re horrible windows TJ. I really should get another door. We lose a lot of heat through those windows.” “The ice looks like leaves.” he said. “OK, go. You’re going to miss the bus.” After he left, I looked at the energy losing frozen windows, thinking of ways I could insulate them. Then I got down on my knees and looked through them from TJ’s height. Wow! beautiful… Despite what you might be thinking, these are straight out of camera with a slight bump in curves. TJ by the way thinks he’s anything BUT an artist. He most definately has an “eye” though, and so I’m calling these “TJ’s Frozen Leaves”

I used to paint, but I found Mother Nature is a far superior artist than I will ever be, and she shares her art for FREE. Thanks for keeping your artsistic eyes open TJ!
  • Anonymous - Loved TJ’s “Ice Leaves” Love looking at Tell’s View. Would you please send me Roy’s address? Love to you all, MomReplyCancel

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